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Russian Roulette color ink

Russian Roulette colour ink

The new line of color ink "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" is:
- 100% ink and not a drop of paint!
- maximum ink´s coating, brightness and color saturation
- brilliant gloss
- optimally thick, is soaked through the sponge marker, squeezer
- ideal fixed on any surface
- instantly dry up within 5 seconds
- form a thick smudges
- leave deep clear traces after removal of ink from the painted surface
- after applying remove the layer of ink from advertising banners , after trying to remove the ink left path, even if the ink is removed completely
- destroy the top layer of the long-standing paint and penetrate into the deeper layers
- appear under the layer of paint, when you try to repaint the sign less than a 3 layer
- distributed across the surface, when you try to delete the tag, and besides the trace of the tag, leave more traces of paint
- very clear write on the glass

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2464Ft x0 ks=0.00 Ft

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